“We just feel very honored and blessed to receive this award,” stated Lisa Davis. “Christopher and I both have roots in farming. I grew up on a cattle farm in Illinois, and he was raised on this farm, which was owned by his grandfather.”                                                                                 

The Paisley-Defoor Farm began operation in the year of 1961 or 1962, when Jurld Defoor purchased the land and grew chickens for ConAgra for over forty years. He also raised cattle and partook in construction, while his wife Carol took care of the home and helped raise Chris’s father and uncles. When Jurld entered retirement, Chris, who also runs a construction company, bought the farm and continued the family tradition and name. Lisa’s maiden name of Paisley is included in the farm’s name as well. 

Carol remembers that she and Jurld met when their families had gone north for work, although they were both from Arkansas, they had to go to Indiana to meet.

Carrying on the tradition was something both Chris and Lisa knew they wanted to accomplish early on, and the combination of their upbringings and experience made for an interesting formula. “We’ve taken things like my father’s old equipment and antique tractors and added that in with Christopher’s grandfather’s equipment, and we have tried to build on to that.”

Receiving an honor such as this one shows that hard work does indeed lead to success, and being able to share this honor with the two family members who helped start it all is something the Davis family will always hold dear in their hearts. “The most rewarding thing that has come from this is to see how proud Christopher’s grandparents were and to see through them where it all continues to grow,” added Lisa.

“We would just like to thank our family. We wouldn’t have this opportunity without Jurld and Carol. We would also like to thank everyone who have always been there to help out when we couldn’t be present at the farm. Also, thanks goes out to our community who always shown great support for us. And of course, we thank the Lord for blessing us and allowing us to do what we do.”