The Edward Jones Investments building at 1620 North Hwy 25b was structurally damaged on Friday, August 3 when a customer inadvertently drove her car through the front of the building.

A call came into the Heber Springs Police Department around 1:20 p.m. reporting a car had driven through the front of the building which houses the retirement advisory business. When speaking to Terry Castleberry, a financial advisor at Edward Jones, the driver reported that her brakes failed as she pulled into the parking lot, careening her over the parking bumpers and into a front office in the building. According to Castleberry, no one was injured, but the shaken motorist was very upset and repeatedly apologized for the mishap.

Birdsong Towing removed the car after a bit of difficulty due to a concrete parking curb being lodged beneath the car. The damaged area has since been temporarily secured until it can be repaired.