The Cleburne County Fair has long been a place for students to show their skill at showing livestock. These kids work year round with their livestock to compete in the county fair in hopes of going to the State Fair to show their livestock.

Students showed chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, swine and cattle. Some students also competed in horticulture and arts and crafts.

In a world where many students spend their spare time playing video games or on their phones, these students have spent much of their spare time working with their livestock to bring them to the fair.

At the end of the fair an auction is held where bidders bid on the champion livestock, in an effort to repay some of the investment that the students have put in all year on their livestock.  The students receive the money and also get to keep their livestock. It is a small way that the community can support the hard work the students do all year.

This year the livestock in the auction were:  Grand Champion Market Steer, owned by Sydney Lagasse, a member of Quitman 4-H, Grand Champion Market Hog, owned by Carlee Stair, a member of Rosebud FFA,

Grand Market Lamb and Commercial Heifer, owned by Reiley Jo Hooten, Quitman FFA, Grand Champion Market Goat, owned by Preslie Petray, Heber Springs 4-H, Supreme Breeding Heifer, owned by Tate Tapley, Quitman FFA, Supreme Breeding Swine and Reserve Champion Market Lamb, owner Laney Goff, Quitman FFA, Supreme Dairy Cow and Dairy Goat, owned by Rainlyn Trawick, Quitman 4-H, Supreme Breeding Sheep and Reserve Market Steer, owned by Taylor Hooten, Quitman FFA, Supreme Breeder Goat and Reserve Market Goat, owned by McKeeley Cresswell, Heber Springs FFA, Champion Rabbit, owned by Anna Brewster, Wilburn 4-H, Champion Poultry, owned by Grace Laymon, Quitman 4-H, Reserve Champion and Grand Champion Gilt, owned by Haley Trawick, Quitman FFA, Supreme Bull, owned by Lauren Cox, Heber Springs FFA, Market Goat, owned by Lilly Holland, Quitman FFA, Market Hog, owned by Hagan Trawick, Quitman 4-H, Market Hog, owned by Sarah Thomas, Concord FFA, Market Hog, owned by Hannah Walters, Quitman FFA, Market Hog, owned by Emily Bates, Quitman FFA, Market Hog, owned by Lacey Bates, Quitman FFA, Market Hog, owned by Lidia Smith, Quitman FFA, Market Hog, owned by Katie Kennedy, Quitman FFA and Market Hog, owned by Christina Tolley, Quitman FFA.