The annual Reagan Day Dinner was held at the Red Apple Inn last Saturday. Former U.S. Representative Ed Bethune was the guest speaker. Several ladies who represent the Republican Women on a state level were present and presented Paula Sport, President of the Cleburne County Republican Women, with Woman of the Year honors. Sporn thanked everyone for awarding her that honor.

Bethune shared when he was running for Congress that he carried Cleburne County with more votes than any other county in Arkansas. Bethune was the first Republican in 104 years in Congress. He had brought two maps which showed the depiction of the 2016 races. The data was put together and represented how much Republicans dominated the votes nationwide. Democrats won in areas of urban cities. “Democrats reside more in the bigger cities, which are also places that are having the most issues.” Said Bethune. “When I ran for office, there was not a single Republican holding office. That was in 1978.”

“People can now see the difference in the parties.” said Bethune. He went on to say that there have been a lot of good things happening since the Republicans have taken over. “We have come a long, long way but it hasn’t been an easy road. Unfortunately, there is a bad trend happening now.” He explained that since the Democrats lost the presidential race, they have resisted everything the Republicans have tried to do. Whether it be legislation or people the President has tried to appoint for offices, the Democrats have tried to resist.

Bethune also spoke of his law practice and how he has continually defended those attacked by others because of their beliefs. He spoke of defending Newt Gingrich during his battles with Congress. “I learned first hand that these people are so full of hate towards Republicans, especially the national Democratic party.” Bethune said.

In addition to hearing Bethune there was a silent auction and a live auction. Rep. John Payton did the auctioning off of the items for the live auction