White County Deputy Chris Carter addressed the Pangburn School Board Monday night as their new school resource officer (SRO). Carter shared his goals and ambitions with the board and expressed his eagerness to be an active member of the educational community. Carter presented a PowerPoint to the board, explaining his dual role as a deputy sheriff and as an educator in the school district.

            According to Carter’s presentation, “The SRO program is an initiative to help keep our schools a safe environment for learning through an increased law enforcement presence that allows for a good rapport between deputies, students, and staff.”

            Carter explained to the board that as their SRO he will be doing criminal investigations for things like vandalism, thefts, criminal mischief, threats, drugs or weapons, child abuse, criminal trespassing, conflicts, disturbances, and assaults that occur on campus, but he will also be available as a liaison with other law enforcement agencies, parents, students, businesses, and the community.

            As an educator, Carter will “teach a variety of subjects in the classroom such as drug prevention, child safety, juvenile law, prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse, babysitting, sex crimes, and other prevention related subjects.” He will also work closely with the school counselors and participate in school activities such as pep rallies, dances, field trips, and sporting events.

            Carter will also be responsible for ensuring the “safety and security” of the students and staff each day. It is his responsibility to provide security training for the district staff by conducting active shooter drills and lock down drills. The SRO is also implemental in conducting fire drills and tornado drills.

            Officer Carter concluded his presentation by expressing the importance of interacting with students in non-threatening situations. He stressed the sad fact that many kids today only see officers of the law during times of emergency or family discourse and may have negative feelings about law enforcement personnel.

            In other district business, Superintendent David Rolland reported that Alternative Methods of Instruction was approved by the Arkansas Department of Education to be used when students aren’t able to attend school at the campus facilities, such as on a snow day.

            The board also discussed and passed recertification of the Nutrition Program for Child Care, and a resolution for school board secretary Nikki King to be registered as a volunteer to work at the concession stands during basketball games.

            The financial reports, minutes of the previous meeting, five-percent salary increase report, and student transfers were all approved.