Recently Leland’s Lures was the recipient of the Corporate Conservationist of the Year Award at the 2018 Arkansas Wildlife Federation Conservation Achievement Awards Banquet.  The award is given for significant efforts by an Arkansas business or corporation toward environmental restoration/habitat stewardship, including providing lands for wildlife conservation and public recreation, conservation education/awareness; wildlife and fisheries management or other natural resource programs; or pollution abatement. Efforts must be voluntary, involve employees and go above and beyond compliance with mandatory programs.

According to the Trout Magnet website, Leland's Lures began in 1997. It started with one lure, the Trout Magnet. Now Leland's Lures carries many products for trout and crappie enthusiasts. What began as a hobby for Jeff Smith and Todd Gainer, owners of Leland's Lures, has now developed into something more. These two, with many other friends and family, were catching more fish than anyone else on the stream. The secret kept among these friends for so many years is now available for everyone. "The Secret's Out!"

Smith said, “We donate lures to help with a lot of events for youth. Here are some of those groups. Little River Foundation, Trout Unlimited, and Trout Derbies for the youth at the hatcheries. We provide lures for every derby in the state that asks for lures. We also host a fishing derby for the Sunshine school every year and take 30 plus young people with disabilities fishing. We provide all the rods ,reels, lures…. We have the Searcy police and firemen come and help us provide a great day of fishing for these students. We have the AGFC stock the pond with catfish and everyone catches fish. We have a lunch for them and provide prizes too. It is a great event and there has been many articles written about it. It is such a blessing for us to be able to do this. We get way more out of it than they do.”

Smith went on to say, “I would say the main conservation effort we have is to protect our resource. The Trout Magnet exists to help catch fish and protect our Trout. Over 20 years ago we were trying to find something to catch trout that would not hurt them or kill them.  We made the Trout Magnet in our garage for years. The Trout Magnet does not hurt fish and it actually catches more fish than bait. We have sold nearly 200,000,000 trout Magnets since that time and we feel we have saved a lot of trout to swim another day. The Trout Magnet hooks trout on the top of the mouth every time and allows fishermen to catch and release safely.”

Leland's Lures products are now sold all across the country and regionally through WalMart.

“We dedicate the success of this company to the Lord who has opened the doors to make all things possible.” said Smith.

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