The Quitman City Council met in regular session on October 8 to discuss upcoming budget reviews. Mayor Cyndi Kerr explained to the council how budget reviews are generally handled and asked if any council members were interested in committing to joining the review team. Councilmember Drew Varvil expressed his interest in joining the group, but other members were concerned with time constraints.

            During the discussion about budgetary issues, Mayor Kerr introduced the subject of repairs needed on the city hall building. The topic of a community center being built at some point in time was discussed with a concern of investing too much money into the city hall building if another location would be available any time soon. Kerr responded that it could be a number of years before a community center is constructed, with the acquisition of land being a major factor in the delay. Council members were asked to be alert to possible land availabilities.

            Last month’s minutes, the treasurer’s report, and other monthly business was motioned and passed without incident.