The Heber Springs Rotary Club and the Cleburne County Rotary Club held a combined Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, October 30 at the Housing Authority meeting room. Rex Fields, President of the Heber Springs Club (also known as the noon club) welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to fellowship with each other.

After ice cream was served, Cathy Cox welcomed six couples who had volunteered (or were volunteered) to play “The Newlywed Game”, like the old game show.  The couples were were Joe and Sylvia Lybrand, Carlin and Kathy Phillips, Keith and Beth Mercer, Barbara and Dick Neal, Joe and Linnett Tournear and Patti and Rick McGuire.  First the wives left the room while the husbands answered three questions, then the wives came back in to see if their answers matched. Then the husbands left the room while the wives answered three questions. Then the husbands came back in to see if their answers matched. Videos of the game can be found on The Sun Times Facebook page. The game was full of laughs for everyone.

When the game was over, Joe and Sylvia Lybrand were the winners with all matching answers. After 62 years together this wasn’t a complete surprise.