Election Day:

Cleburne County will be using VOTE CENTERS.  On Election Day Cleburne County Voters may vote at ANY one of the following VOTE CENTERS:

Masonic Lodge, 15 Bee Branch Rd., Quitman, AR 72131

Quitman City Hall, #5 2nd Street,Quitman, AR 7213

Woodrow Baptist Church, 2840 Prim Road, Prim AR 72130

Palestine Baptist Church, 389 Edgemont Rd., Quitman, AR 72131

Concord Community Center, 10424 Heber Springs Rd. N., Concord, AR 72523

Greers Ferry Municipal Building, 8739 Edgemont Rd., Greers Ferry, AR 72067

Higden Town Hall, 29 Oak Street, Higden, AR 72067

Beth-El Chapel, 1004 Hiram Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543

Hope Lutheran, 14000 Eden Isle Pike, Heber Springs, AR 72543

Wilburn General Baptist Church, Hwy 110 E., Wilburn, AR 72179

Drasco General Baptist Church, 6800 Heber Springs Rd. N., Drasco, AR 72530

Heber Springs City Hall, 1001 W. Main St., Heber Springs, AR 72543

Heber Springs Community Center, 201 Bobbie Jean Ln., Heber Springs, AR 72543

First Arkansas Bank and Trust, 1230 Hwy 25B. North, Heber Springs, AR 72543

Church of Christ, 1314 W. Pine St., Heber Springs, AR 72543

National Guard Armory, 701 S. 7th St., Heber Springs, AR 72543

Peace Lutheran Church, 10849 Edgemont Rd., Edgemont, AR 72044

Pine Snag/Lobo Fire Station, 1855 Pangburn Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543

Pleasant Ridge General Baptist Church, 4999 Heber Springs Rd. N., Drasco, AR 72530

Chastain Chapel, 299 Old Hwy 25, Tumbling Shoals, AR 72581

South Cross Roads Church, 249 Lone Star Rd., Rose Bud, AR 72137

Prim Community Center, 4149 B. Prim Rd., Prim, AR 72130

The following will no longer be polling sites:

Brownsville Baptist Church, 3815 Greers Ferry Rd., Greers Ferry, AR 72067

Drasco Fire Station, 6526 Heber Springs Rd, N., Drasco, AR 72530

McJester Baptist Church,  25 Old River Rd., Pangburn, AR 72121

Ida Fire Station, 339 Center Ridge Rd., Drasco, AR 72530

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, 2054 Good Springs Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543

Hiram Union Church in Wilburn, 6600 Wilburn Rd., Wilburn, AR 7217

Early Voting:

Cleburne County Courthouse

October 22 – November 3,     Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

November 5, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.