The Heber Springs Rotary welcomed Senior Special Agent Terry Gambill from the Little Rock Field Office. He has been with the Secret Service, 18 years. He has worked on a counter assault team, electronic crimes and Presidential detail. In 2006 he was on a counter assault team in Washington, D.C. under President George W. Bush and Presidential detail under President Barack Obama. He spent seven and one half years in Washington, D.C.

He came back to the Little Rock office where they have ten agents, including bosses. Being an agent requires investigations, traveling, handling counterfeit money. Secret Service agents also handle financial crimes including identity theft, bank fraud, check and credit card fraud and access devices. They also handle electronics crimes in telecommunications and networks.

What Gambill does is Cyber Assets such as computer forensics and phone forensics.

Gambill discussed cyber crime statistics and explained social engineering which is the act of manipulating people into performing actions on divulging confidential info for the purpose of info gathering, fraud or computer system access. People put way too much information on social media that bad people use to commit credit card fraud, gas pump skimming and major portals.

Prior to Gambill speaking the club recognized veterans and gave them each a lapel pin as recognition of their service.