The year 2018 will go down as one of the most exciting times for the City of Fairfield Bay. The new hotel is nearing completion and the Towne Center store fronts are filling up fast. Fairfield Bay was named as the first Monarch City USA city in Arkansas.  At the present time they are the only city in Arkansas to receive that designation.  As if this weren’t enough good news, the City of Fairfield Bay has been awarded six prestigious awards since September.   The Trendsetter City Awards recognize outstanding Arkansas cities in five major categories. Of those five categories, Fairfield Bay won two of the awards for cities under 5000 population. So out of 441 cities that fit that criteria, Fairfield Bay was awarded the 2018 Trendsetter City Award For The Best Department Of Public Safety and The 2018 Trendsetter City Award For The City With The Best Tourism And Culture. It is very significant for any city to win one of these awards, but Fairfield Bay manage to win two in the same year.  Also, in early October the White River Planning and Development District and the City of Fairfield Bay were recognized with a 2018 Star of the Southwest Award during the Southwest Region Economic Development Association’s Conference. This award was based on the fact that the City of Fairfield Bay had applied for and received a grant from EDA which helped to renovate the conference center into a new state-of-the-art conference destination. This development has led to the attraction of private investors to finance the new Cobblestone Inn and Suites facility which will be located directly adjacent to the Conference Center. This will make Fairfield Bay one of the most sought-after venues for conferences, workshops, and retreats in the state of Arkansas. 

Following that in October, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge awarded Fairfield Bay Police Officer Lyle Lutz an award for “Officer Of The Year For Northwest Arkansas Region.” Officer Lutz had already been awarded the “Officer Of The Year For Van Buren County.” Almost immediately after receiving that news the city was then made aware that Judy Wells, their 911 Supervisor, had been awarded the “Arkansas Apco/Nena Supervisor Of The Year.  Lastly, on early November the City of Fairfield Bay was notified that it has been selected as one of only four “Arkansas Volunteer Communities Of The Year” for 2018. The year 2018 has been extremely good to Fairfield Bay and this up-and-coming city is getting ready to roll in 2019.