The Heber Springs Humane Society recently acquired three dogs, two pugs and one boston terrier, who are in dire need of medical help. The pugs, Daisy ad Kyra, are around six to eight years old and the boston terrier, Sadie, is ten years old. All three dogs are in need of dental work and two need to have one eye removed. While local vets give the Humane Society a break on treatment costs, these three dogs will have approximately $1200-$1300 worth of work done to take care of all three’s issues. The Humane Society is asking for the community’s help with these costs.

“Even the smallest donations add up,” said Mary David, representing the Humane Society. She went on to say that the community is wonderful to help them when the need is great and they greatly appreciate it.

Currently, the shelter is at full capacity, but is working with rescues to place many of the dogs in homes out of state.

To help please contact the shelter at 501-362-7322.


Micah Helms with Kyra, Amy Stewart with Daisy and Linda Laivins with Sadie.