In January, 2019, former deputy Todd Maxey walked into the Sheriff’s office with a gun and brought to light an issue of safety for the workers who work in the front of the Sheriff’s office. Because bulletproof glass was not used to separate the workers from the public, Sheriff Brown realized that his workers were in potential danger.
Brown began looking for a way to make the area safer for his workers. Unfortunately, as he began pricing to get this done, he realized the cost could cause him to not be able to install bulletproof glass after all.

In talking with members of his staff it was suggested that he look on ebay, an internet buying and selling site. Brown looked on eBay and found a piece of bulletproof glass that was originally going to be used for a bank teller window, but had a slight bit of damage from shipping. The damage amounted to a slight bend in the frame and did not affect the safety of the glass. Brown sent the seller a message and the seller reached out to Brown by phone. Brown was delighted to discover that the glass was the dimensions they needed and the price was even better. For a savings in the neighborhood of $32,000, Brown was able to get the glass delivered to the Sheriff’s office this week and he and Greg Hutto were able to install the glass.

Brown also was able to get a piece of bulletproof glass to install in the jail at a substantial savings. For a cost about 10 percent of the original price, Brown was able to get both pieces of bulletproof glass to keep his workers safe.

Brown wishes to thank Chris Clark for delivering and helping to install the glass. Now the deputy clerks can rest assured that they are safe while they work.