The sixteenth annual Greers Ferry Lake Art Show and Competition, sponsored by Beta Xi Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, was held during the month of April in five lake area schools. Schools participating were: Clinton, Concord, Greers Ferry West Side, Heber Springs, and Shirley.  Competition was in three age groups 4th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade, and 9th-12th grade, and in five categories- Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Collage/Miscellaneous, and 3-Dimensional.

Ribbons for first, second, and third place were presented, with cash prizes of $25.00 going to the “Overall” winners and a $50.00 prize, compliments of Eagle Bank, going to the “Best of Show” winner. All winning artwork is being displayed in the Eagle Bank upper-level lobby in Heber Springs April 5-19, 2019.

Stormi Bradshaw, daughter of Kendra and Marty Bradshaw, from Heber Springs High School, is the “Best of Show” winner for 2019 with an acrylic painting entitled “Courage Through the Storm”. Overall winners include: Mandy Smith, West Side Elementary School, 4th -6th grade, Payton Jarvis, Heber Springs Middle School, 7th-8th grade, and Mekaelyn Ramsey, West Side High School, 9th-12th grade.

Other winners from the five schools are as follows:

Heber Springs

4th-6th Drawing 1st Alexis Blanchard, 2nd Marissa Ollej, 3rd Brett Dwyer;

7th-8th Drawing 1st Cole Yates, 2nd Zach Mosier & Mark Shauver, 3rd Kenan Sneed;

Painting 1st Skylar Tramel, 2nd Tarah Knabe,  3rd Cole Yates; Prints 1st Hunter Edwards, 2nd Sophie Stone, 3rd Bauer Pruitt; 3-D 1st Payton Jarvis, 2nd Madison Clemons, 3rd Devan Baughman;

9th-12th Drawing 1st Stormi Bradshaw, 2nd Brier Edwards, 3rd Natalia Durham; Painting 1st Mayra Leal, 2nd Steilee Mclain, 3rd Kayla Goebel & Mayra Leal; Oils/Watercolor 1st Steilee McClain, 2nd Steilee McClain, 3rd Victoria Hooker; Acrylics 1st Stormi Bradshaw, 2nd Stormi Bradshaw, 3rd Mayra Leal;  Collage/Misc. 1st Steilee McClain, 2nd Mayra Leal & Savannah Hollowell, 3rd Kendall Upoff;  Crafts 1st Kendall Upoff, 2nd Pilar Monsivais 3rd Savannah Hollowell;


4th-6th Drawing 1st Kylie Sasaki, 2nd Kristopher Vance, 3rd Camila Infante;   

9th-12th Drawing 1st Anna Lee; Crafts  1st-Anna Lee;


9th-12th Drawing 1st Dustin Kent, 2nd Ashlyn Martin, 3rd Hailey Stanford & Hailey Stanford; Portrait/Collage 1st Amanda Anderson, 2nd Taylor Shively, 3rd Nathan Johnson; Colored Pencil 1st Kailey Firestone, 2nd Kaylee Horn, 3rd Nathan Johnson;  3D 1st Brandon Sartain;

Greers Ferry Westside 

4th-6th Drawing 1st Mandy Smith, 2nd Jonah Ward & C J Parks, 3rd Emily Clark & Deeanna Carlton; Watercolors 1st Max Gipson, 2nd Abigail Schmidt & Gabby Hipp, 3rd Samara Murphree & Kira Harper & McKenna Embry; Pastels 1st Lillianna Barton, 2nd Samara Murphree & Brookes Hipp 3rd Leo Stark; Prints 1st Hannah Medeiros, 2nd Laiden Lindsey , 3rd Abigail Schmidt;

7th-8th Drawing 1st Lillian Woods

9th-12th  Drawing 1st Emily Akers, 2nd Faith Birmingham, 3rd Mekaelyn Ramsey; Portraits 1st Mekaelyn Ramsey, 2nd Faith Birmingham; Designs 1st Faith Birmingham, 2nd Mekaelyn, 3rd Alexandria Southerland;


7th-8th  Drawing/Watercolor 1st Emily Shaw, 2nd Kadence Watts, 3rd Celeina Perkins; Pastels 1st Aiden Jones, 2nd Celeina Perkins, 3rd Abigail Hensley;  Misc./Collage 1st John Hogan Little, 2nd Feona Johnson, 3rd Kadence Watts & Abigail Hensley;; Mixed Media 1st Ariana Bradford, 2nd Valary Mitchell, 3rd Celeina Perkins;

9th-12th  Drawing 1st Bryan Johnson, 2nd Ashley Green, 3rd Samantha Richardson; Painting 1st Orianna McIntosh, , 2nd Teigha Black, 3rd Brannon Littell; Watercolor/Print 1st Samantha Richardson, 2nd Kristen McKay,  3rd Brianna Conley; Pastels 1st Elisabeth Howard, 2nd Teigha Black, 3rd Jordan Parker.