The Cleburne County Quorum Court met Thursday night in their regularly scheduled meeting. After the approval of the previous meeting minutes and the treasurer’s report and having no unfinished businesses, they moved right into new business items.

A request that Skye Wright be reappointed to the Library Board was received. It was approved unanimously. The next item was the Board of Equalization appointments. This was due to two resignations to the board. Gary Redd and Pam Huffty were voted to be appointed. JP Chris Gracey asked if when they receive appointees suggestions if they could see a list of qualifications of the said appointees. Judge Jerry Holmes asked if they could finish the vote on the previous ordinance and then discuss that. They revisited this discussion at the end of the meeting.

JP Brent Foust read a Proposed Ordinance to amend the current ordinance to reorganize the Cleburne County Fair Board. The Board will now consist of Stan Reynolds as Chairman for a two year term, Gordon Eichelberger as Vice Chairman for a one year term,  Mona Phillips as Treasurer for a five year term, Lydia Guffey as Secretary for a four year term and Trent Whitehead as Fair Manager for a three year term. The ordinance was adopted.

A resolution to allow the County Judge Jerry Holmes to enter into a contract for roofing improvements at the Senior Citizen’s Center. Cost of this will be $63,998.00. JP Phil Grace asked if the grant that had been previously been received would cover this. Judge Holmes said that yes, that was the case.

An ordinance to appropriate a Local Law Enforcement Equipment Grant Fund that was received after the budget process was completed was then read. The grant is in the amount of $2,300. Sheriff Chris Brown said the money would be used to purchase hand held radios. The ordinance passed unanimously.

Brent Foust then asked a question regarding the Fair Board funds that were appropriated previously. County Attorney Drew Smith said he had understood they were getting that taken care of.

Sam Henegar then brought up funds that they might think about moving into the capital improvements fund. They will revisit this in July.

JP Alan Malone then asked Paula Sporn of the Republican Women to speak about the upcoming “Game night” they will be sponsoring on July 13. Sporn also talked about their Reagan Day Dinner on September 14, the guest speaker will be Nick Adams, a former Australian citizen who became an American citizen.

Sheriff Chris Brown said that next Wednesday there will be a Law Enforcement memorial ceremony at noon on the Courthouse lawn. Next week is Law Enforcement Week.

Judge Holmes then announced there will be a ceremony at Drasco Trading Post on May 11.