"God put us right here on purpose and we feel like we should be good neighbors," said Presley.

The United Methodist Church in Heber Springs has been involved with the Heber Springs School District for many years, according to Alicia Presley, Youth Director. In a recent The Sun Times article about the Heber Springs School Board meeting, Superintendent Alan Stauffacher praised the church for restoring the teachers lounges in all three campuses of the Heber Springs School District.

"God put us right here on purpose and we feel like we should be good neighbors," said Presley.

The UMC does several projects to benefit the schools every year. Twice a year there is a shoe project, currently there is a coat drive also. 

"My dad graduated in 1969 and remembers the Wesleyan Circle Breakfast for Seniors, which had been going on for many years." said Presley

When talking about the lounge project, Presley said, "We just wanted to show love to the teachers."

Most of the teachers lounges had never been fixed up. The couch in the high school lounge was home to a rat, but he was evicted, according to Presley.

Presley wanted to give credit to others who helped with this project, saying that Allen Furniture gave furniture at cost. Shad Meredith, a plumber, donated his services to fix the bathroom in the elementary lounge, that was not functional. Wal Mart donated $100 which helped to pay for four microwaves.

The middle school and high school received new cabinets, new furniture, new tables, new decor and the room was painted.

The elementary received new furniture, a custom table made by former student, Chris Jackson, the bathroom re-done, new decor and the room was painted. There were storage containers full of books that were labeled so teachers could find what they needed easily.

"This was a team effort of the church. There were at least 25 people involved in the process and there were 17 who showed up to paint," said Presley. The painting was finished in two days.

At the school board meeting Lloyd Langster said, "The reason they decided to do the teachers lounges was because fixing them up was not in the budget."

Mike Brown, who was also at the meeting, said, "The church has always been involved in helping the school. Jesus said 'Love your neighbors'. We felt that we could get the biggest bank for our buck doing the teachers lounges and it would be something nice for our teachers."

"We were just so excited to do this for the teachers," said Presley, "We loved doing it!"