Adoptable Pet of the Week


Meet Roger. He's only a year old and deserves a place of his own. He and his litter mates were found behind El Rey's just doing their best to survive. They were covered in fleas, very skinny and hairless due to mange. They were caught and brought to the shelter where they received proper care and medical attention. All were adopted except for Roger and his brother Pete. I take that back Roger and Pete were adopted by a lady who loved them very much. She bought them beds and collars and kept them in the house. They loved her too but maybe a little to much. They were so protective of her that her family felt threatened when they visited so back to the shelter they went. Both animals are extremely shy and living on the streets for 4/5 months didn't help. If you are a patient family with older children, Roger or Pete would make a very nice family member. Or maybe a truck driver that needs company on the road. There's lots of places either one would fit. Are You that person? Contact for a meet and greet.

SHELTER WISH LIST: Besides our usual stuff dog/cat food, etc., what we really need is monetary donations of any amount. We are worried we can't pay our utilities this month. We've had no income for two weeks. Due to the storm, the Thrift Store had to close. The store's total income goes to feed and house the homeless animals in Cleburne County. We are all suffering, but if you can help in anyway contact us at the shelter 501-362-7322 after noon. 

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