Meeting the family

Lulu with her new forever family Sarah and Aaron Kramer and Cora.

This week we changed our adoptable pet of week to “Adopted” Pet of Week. It’s a very heartfelt story and we thought you might enjoy it. LuLu is an adorable Corgi mix who was on the HSHS Petfinder page.

A couple from Washington state, which is really far from good ole Heber Springs AR, sent in a request. HSHS Secretary, Sara Freeman, is very efficient in getting adoption application quickly approved. She was so impressed with this applicant from so far away, she gave them a call thinking no way. It so happened that they were going to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a horseshow and could we meet them halfway.

So on July 22, Sara and Rick Freeman drove LuLu to meet her new family in Ozark, AR (half way between Tulsa and Heber).

It was love at first sight!! Now LuLu has a new home with 22 horses, four goats, two donkeys & some chickens. Of course, she has a long drive back to Washington, but she’ll be with her new family: Sarah and Aaron Kramer and Cora, their two-year old daughter. I’m sure Cora and LuLu will be best of friends by the end of the trip.

We want to thank Sara and her husband Rick for making the trip to place LuLu in her forever home. LuLu was only with us a short while but we are so proud to have helped her find her way to a great life. Quote from Sara Freeman, “It just makes my heart happy.” PS: LuLu’s new mom won a blue ribbon at the horse show.

SHELTER WISH LIST: Dog/cat food, trash bags, bleach, Dawn, volunteers, fosters & adopters.

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