Thirty-one promising first-year students at Arkansas State University comprise the next Chancellor’s Leadership Class (CLC) at A-State. Students are chosen for CLC based on their leadership involvement in high school and communities, participation in school events, and academic performance.

“Our hope is that being a member of CLC will result in your becoming a future student leader at A-State,” Chancellor Kelly Damphousse told the program applicants. “The CLC is more than a scholarship or student organization. Being nominated for CLC is a tremendous honor.”

Members of the inaugural 2020 CLC were instrumental in new campus initiatives, including creating a new marketing plan for the A-State student section at home athletic events. Their project, “House of Howl,” was presented to the student body at this week’s annual Order of the Pack.

In weekly sessions, the class focuses on academics, leadership, campus involvement, service, and cultural engagement. A wide range of leaders from campus, the local community and state and regional politics provide guest lectures and interaction with the students.

“Each meeting will be designed to provide these future A-State student leaders with opportunities to interact with other outstanding first-year students,” Damphousse said. “We were fortunate for last year’s inaugural class to hear the A-State Made stories of successful alumni as well as influential leaders like Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.”

Students participating in the 2021 CLC will put their leadership skills into practice by working together on community service projects around campus. Each spring, the CLC completes a community engagement project focused on encouraging students in the Upper Delta to prepare for college. Those selected will receive a $750 stipend upon successfully completing each semester, $1,500 total for the year.

Along with the leadership opportunities, CLC members who complete the program will be invited to participate in a study abroad trip with the chancellor at the end of their sophomore year. While CLC students are responsible for the tuition associated with this three-credit hour experiential learning course, the CLC will cover the trip cost.

“Our goal is to prepare you to lead our university during the rest of your time at A-State, and then to lead in your career and your community after you graduate,” Damphousse said. “Study abroad and experiential learning is essential to fully developing those leadership skills.”

In addition, the 2021-22 CLC interns are sophomores Colten Sedman, a marketing major with sales concentration, Brookland High School, and Anna Young, a dietetics major, Little Rock Christian School. They are alumni of the inaugural CLC in 2020-21.

For more details about the program, one may contact Jennifer Salo, director of the Emerging Scholars Program, or (870) 972-2980.

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