Trevor Aaron Babb, 22, posted a $250,000 bond for the charges of attempted first-degree murder, a class A felony, residential burglary, a class Y felony; and four counts of aggravated assault, class D felonies, stemming from a May 28 incident. According to the affidavit for arrest, Babb drove a vehicle into a home at 405 Prince Road in Heber Springs, and then began shooting at individuals inside the home. Law enforcement later located a black GMC extended cab pickup in a cemetery on Blakely Road. The truck had two bullet holes from inside the cab and a piece of was furniture stuck to the damaged front hood and grill.

Joshua David Bush, 41, of Greenbrier, is facing felony charges for possessing a controlled substance of less than two grams, a class D felony; possession of a controlled substance, less than 28 grams; misdemeanor DWI; and refusal to submit to a chemical breath analysis. On June 14, Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a one-vehicle accident involving a blue Dodge pickup at Heber Springs Road West before the bridge at Bettis Mountain, near Quitman. Officers made contact with the driver, who advised officers he had recently had dental work done and taken a Percocet for pain. He also handed officers his medical marijuana card. He refused treatment for lacerations to his head, nose, and eye. Bush advised officers he kept his medical marijuana in his vehicle to keep it away from children. A field sobriety test was given, as was an advanced roadside impaired driving enforcement test (ARIDE). During a pat-down, a pill bottle containing prescription Percocet was found. Upon further inspection, the pill bottle contained Percocet as well as two types of Alprazolam (Xanax) and an additional type of hydrocodone. Bond was set at $3,500.

Daniel William Pettus, 48, of Heber Springs, is facing misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, and felony possession of a controlled substance, more than 10 grams, but less than 200 grams, with intent to deliver, a class B felony. On June 24, the Heber Springs Police Department responded to 308 N. Second Street. According to the affidavit for arrest, a property owner advised that several individuals were in the residence without his permission. The owner of the property had advised both to vacate the property at an earlier date and they failed to comply. Pettus had several outstanding warrants and during a search of his person, 13 grams of methamphetamine were located in his pocket. Pettus was placed in restraints at which time he became belligerent and began to resist being removed from the property, knocking one of the officer’s cell phones to the ground, shattering the screen. Once outside, he attempted to flee on foot. Bond was set at $25,000.

William Doss, 46, of Heber Springs, is facing felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and criminal trespass. On June 25, Heber Springs Police Department officers responded to a call on Lakeview about a male attempting to enter a home. Officers saw Doss inside Lakeside Siding and made contact. Doss explained it was “probably me” the officers were looking for because he had been going door-to-door asking for water. During a pat-down officers recovered less than two grams of methamphetamine and six hits of LSD from his pockets. Bond was set at $5,000.

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