The Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop, a 78-foot semi-truck and trailer that showcases numerous technical professions through augmented reality simulators, will be arriving at Heber Springs School District on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Mobile Workshop allows students the opportunity to gauge their interest, skills, and aptitude for various professional careers such as: computer-aided drafting (CAD/CAM), electricity lineman, computer programming, heavy equipment operator, fiber optic repair, welding, commercial truck driving, HVAC repair, electrician, plumbing, and diesel mechanic repair.

Students in Heber Springs School District will have the opportunity to “Join the Movement” and connect with potential employers that are in need of new employees to replenish the diminishing workforce in various professions.

“Since launching Be Pro Be Proud in 2016, Arkansas has been leading the nation in supporting skilled trade and professions allowing us to better compete in the global marketplace,” said Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

“Be Pro Be Proud” is a workforce development initiative working out of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce/Associated Industries of Arkansas (AIA) that connects students around the state to high-tech, high-paying careers. Through partnerships with state agencies, local industry, and higher education entities, “Be Pro Be Proud” is working to replenish the professional workforce that has been experiencing a drastic decline.

Since 2016, “Be Pro Be Proud” has hosted more than 100,000 visitors on the Mobile Workshop, across 308 cities and 586 tour stops. Heber Springs School District’s decision to invite Be Pro Be Proud to their campus adds the school district to a growing number of communities that see the opportunities for their students to have high-tech, high-wage careers without going into debt.

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