Batesville Police

A Batesville police officer was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated over the weekend.

Rick Anthony King, 34, was cited for numerous traffic violations on Friday night at approximately 11:11 p.m. according to citations that were filed.

Batesville Police Chief Alan Cockrill released a statement late Monday afternoon.

“On the weekend of March 13 and 14 Patrolman King was stopped and charged with a DWI and other unknown charges,” Cockrill said in his release. “The Arkansas State Police made the stop and the Batesville Police Department is waiting for further details on the stop. The trooper involved is currently on his days off and will complete the reports when he returns to work.”

Cockrill further stated that “the Batesville Police Department has placed Patrolman King on administrative leave at this time until the reports are provided by the state police. Patrolman King as any other citizen has the right to go to court and a judge determine his guilt or innocence so further action will not be taken until the judicial system has ruled on the case. Due to the incident Patrolman King will not be allowed to patrol or operate city vehicles.”

The charges that King faces along with DWI include speeding more than 15 miles per hour over the limit, open container containing alcohol in motor vehicle, driving vehicle without tags, as well as no liability insurance.

King is also charged with refusal to submit to a chemical test.

Early Monday morning Cockrill said via text message that the incident was a “personnel issue and I don’t have any details yet,” and that he is waiting for the Arkansas State Police to release their report and video of the incident.

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