The Heber Springs City Council passed their 2022 budget in their last meeting of the year Thursday night. We wanted to provide our readers a look at the numbers. This is not a comprehensive look, just a first glance. We’ll be having a follow-up story with more information in upcoming editions

Putting the American Rescue Plan Funds aside, the General Fund will be $3,443,703.36, which will pay for:

Administration: $623,720

Three new positions are added to the Rate Sheet: Part-time Economic Development ($10,000/annual), Full-time Treasurer’s Assistant (July – December, $17.50/Hour) to replace the Treasurer January 1, 2023, and Full-time Treasurer’s Assistant (November and December, $15/Hour) to replace existing Treasurer’s Assistant January 1, 2023.

Existing salaries and supporting accounts have been adjusted for salary increases.

Animal Control: $56,114

Existing salary and supporting accounts have been adjusted for salary increase.

“Uniform Allowance/Expense” was increased to $700.

Cemetery: $2,150

Fire: $611,737

One additional Full-time Fireman.

Municipal Court: $169,309

Increase Court Cost based on rising trend.

Planning and Zoning: $11,750

Added “Internet, Cable, Telephone” and “Postage and Shipping” to budget.

Added “Software and Services” for annual license and support for DataScout web products.

Reduced “Travel & Training” amount.

Police: $1,464,582

Existing salaries and supporting accounts have been adjusted for salary increases.

“911 Dispatching Expense” remains at $100,000.

“Lease Payment” was set at $35,000 for three new Durango Police Vehicles approved in 2021. The original request was for $75,000 which would have provided four additional new Dodge Chargers for a total of seven new vehicles. There would be four payments within three years to cover the lease. Instead of leasing the Dodge Chargers it was decided to add $35,000 to “Fixed Asset Expense” for the purchase of one new Police Vehicle.

“Interest Expense” was added to the budget for the lease payments.

“Convenience Fees Paid” was added to the budget for credit card transactions.

“Uniform Allowance/Expense” was increased to $800 an officer plus $1,000.00 in the event a new officer is hired.

The Community Center Operations and Maintenance Fund will be $1,490,984, which will pay for: Aquatics, $101,880; Ball Fields, $149,600; Bridal Veil Falls, $500; Community Center, $767,882; Eagle Bank Park, $8,800; Sandy Beach, $9,900; Spring Park, $17,525; Trails, $78,500 and Young Men’s Business, $500

The Sanitation Fund will have $2,960,847.29, which will be spent on: Sanitation, $1,408,181 and Shop: $41,600

Other funds of interest include:

The Street Fund will have $1,076,769.74

The Advertising and Promotions Fund will have $149,746.06

The Airport Fund will have $519,194.25

The Administration of Justice Fund will have $160,016.48

The Cemetery Fund will have $36,857.10

The Emergency Fund will have $402,426.74

The Fire Equipment Fund will have $239,649.82

The Fire Protection Fund will have $21,405.03

The Municipal Court Administration will have $34,281.21

The Police Equipment Fund will have $48,477.36

The Reserve Fund will have $193,780.37

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