First Arkansas Bank and Trust’s Chairman, President, and CEO Larry Wilson was in Heber Springs recently to officially sign over the old bank, located at 806 West Main Street, to the city of Heber Springs. In making the announcement Wilson stated the purpose of this donation was to continue the mission of FAB&T investing in the communities which it serves.

“One of our bank’s core values is to ‘do right’ by our customers and our community,” Wilson stated in a press release.

“The donation of this building serves both purposes. With advances in banking technology and a study of the market (including customer trends), we made the decision to consolidate two branches into a nearby location, just a few blocks away at 1320 Hwy. 25B. We also felt that this building was too valuable to simply sit unoccupied. That is why we reached out to officials within the city and determined that the site could be repurposed for the benefit of the residents of Heber Springs.”

The former bank will now house municipal offices and the central fire station.

“The value of this property is nearly $1 million” Mr. Wilson continued. “The donation of this facility is a sizable and tangible demonstration of our continued commitment and investment in the Heber Springs market. Some of you may recall that we previously donated a different former bank building, located further East on Main Street, to the County for the County Judge’s offices. We are fully committed to the long-term viability, growth, and success of the Heber Springs community.”

With over 280 employees, FAB&T is a family-owned and locally managed bank with 22 locations across Arkansas, including two locations in Heber Springs. FAB&T’s total assets are over $950 million.

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