When we posed the question ”How much of an incentive would you need to get the vaccine?” on social media the answers from people displayed a dichotomy of thought.

“A few years ago people were talking about how they wanted to microchip people and honestly i feel like getting the shot or shots will lead to people being chipped so I’ll take my chances with the virus hard pass…” wrote Scott Cohrs.

“Me & my family will never get this bogus shot and we are doing just fine with or without an incentive,” wrote Shannon Grimes.

“I had two incentives, to protect myself and others from the COVID-19” wrote Thomas Roberson

“Not being on a ventilator and unknowingly infecting others was my incentive,” wrote Christopher Willis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are betting on people voluntarily getting vaccinated against COVID-19, while the unvaccinated are doubling down that the virus will go away this summer.

The fact is no one knows yet.

The statewide health emergency quietly ended Sunday.

Batesville Econo-Mart pharmacy owner Dr. Paul Hollifield visited with us over the phone Friday

“We have an ample amount of vaccine available now for anyone who wants it,” Hollifield said.

“If people have questions about it, I’d encourage them to talk to a pharmacist.”

He added there is a plethora of misinformation floating around on social media.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, in Cleburne County, 14,187 doses have been administered, with 30.7 percent of the population fully vaccinated trailing behind the state average of 40.1 percent of people over age 18 according to the CDC. Additionally, ADH shows 4.5 percent are partially vaccinated, trailing behind the state average of 50.1 percent of people over age 18, according to the CDC.

There are numerous options for generating statistics on the CDC’s COVID-19 map. One can choose from the total population, or just the population over age 18, or even just those 65 and older. Choosing the total population in Arkansas, fully vaccinated, and having it show percent of the total population, shows 31.2%.

The state’s efforts to ‘sweeten the deal’ recently by offering two incentives to residents who have yet to be vaccinated against the threat of COVID-19.

The incentives, an option between a $20 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery scratch-off ticket or two $10.50 Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) gift certificates to buy hunting and fishing licenses, were purchased by the state for $2 million, with 50,000 lottery tickets and 50,000 AGFC gift certificates allotted for the program, the governor said.

“Previously, [Arkansans] got a vaccine and knew [they] were doing something good for [their] health and [their] state and that was their reward,” the governor said. “Now, [Arkansans who get vaccinated] are also going to be helping the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and AGFC.”

According to Arkansas COVID, an accountability initiative from the University of Arkansas, 5,382 Arkansans were killed by the virus.

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