Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge will host the Tenth Annual Never Forgotten event and luncheon for the law enforcement community and families of the missing will be held Thursday, July 22, at the Benton Event Center. Participating law enforcement and attorneys will receive 3.5 hours of continuing education credit for this all-day training and families attending the event can participate in a breakout session that features discussion on utilizing social media, organizing files as well as a listening session with law enforcement leaders.

Twenty-one missing individual stories were recently displayed in the Arkansas Capitol rotunda. Rutledge stood alongside dozens of families and friends of missing loved ones, law enforcement, and members of the Missing Person Stakeholders group.

"The families and friends with loved ones who have gone missing are deeply involved in the process to find them and bring them back home," said Rutledge. "As Attorney General, I will never stop working with them and providing training, resources and support because no one knows the heartbreak and worry these families go through."

The individuals highlighted in the display include: Alvin Dennis Thomas, Mary Jimmie Bobo Shinn, Bradley Allen, Brooke Allensworth, Cleashindra Hall, Contina Savage, Cory Schroeder, Gary Mullinax, Helen Valentine, James Matthew Sullivan, Kenneth Weaver, Micheal John Morris, Morgan Nick, Patsy Clark, Robert Wayne Cox, Terkessa Wallace, Terry Henry, Tommy Swan, Travis Roberson, and Zachary Name.

The display also included one poster of the recently recovered

Emilee, Ethan, Hannah and Landon Goodman - children who were found after being missing for a year and a half. Their father Michael Goodman spoke alongside Rutledge.

"My children were brought home safe because a concerned citizen recognized my child from a missing persons poster," Goodman said. "I am beyond grateful for Attorney General Rutledge, my community, law enforcement, and The Morgan Nick Foundation for working tirelessly for families of the missing. I want to give an extra thank-you for everyone at the Morgan Nick Foundation, they guided me in making the right connections and surviving the nightmare."

In 2018, Rutledge released the first comprehensive resource guide for families of missing loved ones which is available to be downloaded or ordered for free at and Each week, Rutledge posts Missing Person Monday on social media highlighting a different missing person case.

For more information about the Never Forgotten event, other trainings or resources offered by Attorney Generals Office, please visit

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