A traffic stop, followed by being slow to respond to the request for a breath test, led to a Heber Springs woman being charged with DWI in a Dec. 30 incident.

Charged with DWI and refusal to submit was Jessica Hazelwood, 30, of Heber Springs.

In the police report, the officer stated that he was on traffic patrol at 1:42 a.m. Dec. 30 when he spotted a car turning on to Main Street from 2nd Street “at a high rate of speed.”

“While I did not have a chance to check the vehicle’s speed with my radar, it was obviously traveling faster than the 25 MPH posted speed limit,” the officer reported.

The officer caught up with the car at Main and 7th Street, and did a traffic stop, the car pulling over into a restaurant parking lot.

As the officer stepped up to the car he reported the “strong odor of alcohol” coming from the car. He spoke with Hazelwood, the driver and only person in the car. To his questions she replied the speed limit in the area was 35 mph and she “hadn’t had that much” to drink, the report stated.

The officer then did a field sobriety test, per the report.

Field sobriety tests are used to provide clues as to the person’s condition. In this instance, 11 out of 18 possible clues were given, due to everything from slow eye response to problems with balance. Based upon these clues, per the report, Hazelwood was taken to the police station for a breath test.

There, after being read her right, Hazelwood was allowed to make a phone call to “contact a legal representative,” per the report, but was unable to do so. She was able to contact two friends, both of whom discouraged her from submitting to a breath test, as the officer reported hearing on the phone call, made using the phone’s speaker.

“Still,” the report stated, “Jessica would not make a decision.”

After a 55 minute wait, the officer determined that Hazelwood was “stalling … and ultimately affecting the accuracy of any test she might provide going forward.”

The report continued: “At this point I charged Jessica with DWI 1st and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test.”

The officer also issued warnings for improper lane changing and speeding.

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