Joe Charles Woodson, 19 of Conway, and Ariel Laken Brown, 20, of Benton, along with local teens are facing felony criminal mischief charges and misdemeanor criminal trespass charges, for vandalism to the Spring Park restrooms and amphitheater on Dec. 26. Woodson is also facing theft of property charges for shoplifting the spray paint used in the vandalism from the Heber Springs Walmart.

According to the affidavit for arrest, the restrooms at Spring Park had just been repainted after previous vandalism. During the Dec. 26 incident, both bathrooms were spray painted with “Tripp,” which investigators found is Woodson’s nickname, along with a gold smiley face. Outside in the fenced off amphitheater a door had been kicked in and in several places the walls were painted with “Skate or die.” Several electrical panels and one door had Sharpie marker drawn on it along with several signs defaced and some more graffiti on the playground. Parks employees reviewed security camera video and were able to locate a shaggy haired young man and four to five teen girls going into the bathrooms. This group had been seen around Christmas day prior to the first incident of damage. Then this same group was spotted again the night the bathrooms had been repainted. This was the only group to go into the bathrooms that night until the parks worked found the new damage at 7:30 a.m. Two of the girls were identified by local law enforcement. Two days later, members of the Heber Springs Police Department were visiting with skateboarders when they saw Brown and Woodson walking on Main Street.

The two were apprehended without incident.

Bond for Brown was set at $2,500 and bond for Woodson was set at $7,500.

The father of the two teen girls identified on surveillance video with Brown and Woodson at the park, brought the teens in to be questioned and fill out statements. He also provided police with a backpack containing the shoplifted spray paint.

The Heber Springs Parks Department estimated the expense of repairing the vandalism at the park at $1,364.

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