What does your community do to give to others?

Every county has a recycling center, this type of giving is giving back to Mother Earth, conserving our natural resources, reduce, reuse and recycle. Every time you recycle you are making the world a better, cleaner place for generations to come.

Some communities have Blessing boxes where you can leave non-perishable foods for those that are in need. These boxes are in addition to food pantries that help to feed so many people every year. Especially during this time more and more individuals and families have lost their source of income and these programs have made a huge impact on getting them through these difficult times.

I have heard of communities across the world participating in rock painting with inspirational messages, funny paintings or just beautiful works or art on them. The mission with this type of program is to encourage others to join in the pursuit of sharing kindness and spreading love and joy to those that find the painted rocks. Find one and you can choose to keep it or re hide it for someone else to find. It’s something that people of all ages can enjoy doing. I have found several rocks that brought a smile to my face and for me symbolizes hope for our future. It’s a simple gesture and is so much fun to do. I can’t decide if I like finding them more or if I like painting and hiding them the more.

Before school each year businesses ban together along with churches to gather enough school supplies to help hundreds of families with the expense of sending their children back to school. This year whether they return to the classrooms or they learn from home there will still be a need for these type of programs.

I know there are more programs and ways that communities can give, these are just a few that I feel are so easy to help with. Recycling doesn’t take any money, just some of your time. If you’d like to give to a blessing box just buy a few more things at the grocery store. Did you grow up with parents who told you that you had better eat all your dinner, there are people starving in the world and you should be grateful? I did and whenever an adult would tell me this I would get so sad just thinking that someone, somewhere might be going to bed hungry. Later in life this turned into a passion of mine and I have been able to find creative ways to help those that I can. Painting a rock is easy. You don’t have to be artistic you only need to have the desire to bring a smile to someones face by painting a rock and leaving it for someone to find. When your community calls for help, whether it’s filling a school bus with supplies, holding a fundraiser for a special cause, asking for clothing and household donations for a family who has suffered the loss of their home due to a fire or making a donation to a family who is struggling with medical expenses give and give as often as you can and as much as you can.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – St. Francis of Assisi

The world is an uncertain place right now, we need each other. Your kindness challenge for the week is to pick at least one of these programs mentioned here and give. There is always a need that can be met.

“With eyes of love we see the needs of others around us, and with hearts of mercy we are to seek to fulfill those needs.” – Unknown

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