Greene Team

From left, Tony and Brenda Greene along with Beckye and David Lee of the Drasco Trading Post stand in front of the food trailer, Greene’s Beans, Buns and Barbecue on opening weekend last month.

For Tony and Brenda Greene, the idea was simple.

The couple, who reside in Pocahontas said they wanted to spend time together as a married couple. They wanted to also do for others.

They found an easy way to do that and fill a need in one of the most treasured spots in Cleburne County.

The idea was born on a highway just north of Batesville when both were riding motorcycles together.

“I pulled up beside him [at a stop sign], and said I think we should open a food truck,” Brenda said.

Although Tony’s reaction wasn’t exactly what Brenda hoped, a couple of weeks later she ran the idea by some other friends while sitting at a picnic table at the Drasco Trading Post.

Not only was the idea perfect, but the location in which they were sitting was also perfect.

Brenda finally wore down her spouse, and before long, the vision was ready.

For Tony, the possibility of being able to spend the weekends together without a distraction of Brenda’s work-at-home job was what sealed it for him.

From that point, the Greene’s began working on what is now Greene’s Beans, Buns and Barbecue.

One of their neighbors gave them a camper, and with a little investment of time, money and elbow grease, the trailer was equipped and ready.

The Greene’s are positioned in the parking lot of the Drasco Trading Post every Saturday and Sunday.

What started out as a modest menu has already evolved in a short time to the ability to take pre-orders on ribs and other items including family to be picked up on Sunday.

Tony and Brenda are getting creative as well with pork butts and even a Rueben Dog.

And it all started because two people just wanted to spend a little more time together and feed their friends.

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