Heber Springs, Cleburne County November 2020 – Heber Springs School District has been named a partner in the Arkansas Foodbank’s Emergency School Pantry Program. The 36-week program will provide emergency food boxes to low-income families with children in the Heber Springs School District who are enrolled in a USDA children’s feeding program like Free and Reduced Lunch, Summer Feeding or Afterschool program.

“The students and families of Heber Springs Schools have been blessed by the Arkansas Foodbank. We are so thankful for their assistance and our partnership with New Life Center Outreach. Thank you for helping our students.” Dr. Andy Ashley, superintendent of Heber Springs Schools said.

In September 2020, Arkansas Foodbank received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funding through the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services to reduce hunger in Arkansas through collaborative efforts. Administered by Arkansas Foodbank, the Emergency School Pantry Program will be implemented in partnership with six Feeding America foodbanks and 50 school districts throughout the state.

Heber Springs School District, partnering with New Life Center Outreach, will receive portions of the TANF funding to pay for food, staff support, delivery transportation and supplies or equipment necessary for food storage and distribution.

The Arkansas Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program was created to help families stay together by empowering family leaders with job skills, resources and assistance. This project meets one of TANF’s primary purposes: to provide assistance to needy families so that children may be cared for in their own homes or in homes of relatives.

“Arkansas is focused on making sure families impacted by COVID-19 and poverty have the assistance and resources they need,” Phil Harris, ADWS Assistant Director-TANF said. “We want these resources to be easy to access and available for all who need them, and partners like Arkansas Foodbank make that possible. We will continue working with our partners in government, non-profit, and the private sector to come together and support families in Arkansas.”

Families with children in Heber Springs School District who are enrolled in a USDA children’s feeding program like Free and Reduced Lunch, Summer Feeding or Afterschool program can contact Bonnie Webber at bonnie.webber@hssd.k12.ar.us for more information on how to receive emergency food boxes.

About Arkansas Division of Workforce Services / TANF

The TANF program is operated within the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services (ADWS), a division of the Arkansas Department of Commerce. TANF was created as part of the larger Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) of 1996 and replaced Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). It is focused on workforce development, supporting participants in their pursuit of employment and financial independence by providing transportation, childcare assistance, education, job training, employment opportunities, and other services. For more information on ADWS or the Arkansas TANF program, visit www.DWS.arkansas.gov.

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