A key part of volunteering is showing up needed, and that’s what the volunteers at the Heber Springs Humane Society Thrift Shop do. They show up, put in their time, and enjoy it.

Judy Wilson used to make homemade peanut butter treats for the shelter dogs, and bring them by when she came into browse, and then she began volunteering about four years ago.

“We make sure the stuff we put out is nice,” Wilson said.

“I used to work a very well-paying job at the telephone company, but I love working here. You get meet so many people,” Wilson said.

She and volunteer Rebekka Acup were putting clothing on hangers and getting organized before taking them out to the racks. Acup’s dog, Yodi, a chubby Chihuahua mix, sat on the floor, watching everything.

“We have mutual separation anxiety,” Acup jokes, as Yodi followed her through the store.

There’s clothing, shoes and accessories too, like a Dooney and Burke handbag, but there are toys, books, vinyl records, miniatures, lamps, and all manner of household items. When we visited there was a display of cell phone covers, colorful scrub tops, and two sets of nearly new men’s cowboy boots sat by the door.

Karen Ronquest has been volunteering at the shop for a while.

“Everything we make goes to the animals,” Ronquest said.

She has three dogs, all rescues from the Heber Springs Humane Society: Penny, Tater, and Skipper.

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