HEBER SPRINGS — A late-night call for a suspicious car resulted in the arrest of a Batesville man, wanted in Independence County, by Heber Springs Police. The arresting officer may have been exposed to COVID-19 in enacting the arrest.

Arrested in the July 30 incident was Coy James Broome, 26, of Batesville. Charges listed on the police report are resisting arrest, threatening a police officer, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Online court records show Broome was charged in Independence County with Criminal Mischief in the 2nd Degree, a felony.

The criminal mischief incident in Batesville took place July 30, the same date as the Heber Springs arrest, according to online records.

In the police report, at 10:36 p.m. July 30 police arrived at a suspicious vehicle at the Sugarloaf Mountain parking lot “... in reference to looking for an individual wanted by the Independence County Sheriff and Batesville Police.”

There the officer met Broome, “... the individual that was wanted by both agencies,” per the report.

The officer asked Broome to place his hands behind his back, telling him he was under arrest.

“No I am not” Broome is quoted as replying. A minor struggle ensued and the officer put Broome in handcuffs. With that the officer began to walk Broome to his patrol car in order to place him in the back seat and Broome became uncooperative, refusing to walk.

The officer pulled Broome who, at the car, refused to get in the back and blocked the door, keeping the officer from opening it, per the report. Two Cleburne County deputies arrived to assist, got the door open, and a struggle began as Broome refused to get in the car, with one officer pulling and two officers pushing.

A fourth officer was called while Boone was told a taser would be used if he did not cooperate. Boone swore at the reporting officer, and is quoted as telling the officer he would “own him” and the officer would lose his job if Boone was tased.

A taser was used and Boone, now compliant and with officers assisting, was loaded into the patrol car. Boone continued to “scream and yell,” per the report.

The officer noted the “strong odor of alcohol on his [Boone’s] person.”

Boone was then driven to an agreed-upon location where he was turned over to Independence County deputies. Enroute, he continued to “scream” at the officer that he was going to “own him,” have him fired from his job, and this would be done because he knew someone in, as he was quoted, “Batesville County” who could make all this happen, the report stated.

At the exchange point with the Independence County deputies, Boone told the officer that he was infected with COVID-19 “... and was supposed to be in quarantine right now,” per the report.

Arriving Batesville Police and Independence County officer told the reporting Heber Springs officer that Boone had been in an accident in Batesville where a car hit a pole. Prior to hitting the pole, Boone and the passenger had been firing an SKS assault rifle out the car’s window, per the report.

Boone was turned over to the custody of those officers and the reporting officer advised Heber Springs police of his possible exposure to COVID-19.

Online records show Boone was released Aug. 6 on $10,000 bond and assigned an Aug. 25 first appearance. The affidavit for warrant in Independence County shows shows Boone was the driver of a car which hit a pole. Damage estimates, including damage to a transformer on the pole and clean-up of hazardous waste, is estimated at over $5,000.

Boone, in speaking with officers after being taken to the Independence County Detention Center, admitted to having been “drinking alcohol heavily” and was apologetic. No mention of COVID-19 infection was made in the Independence County affidavit.

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