Adoptable pet of the week

Buckwheat is a handsome 3 year old heeler mix. He’s been at the shelter for a year now and needs to be adopted soon. It’s tough times for all of us right now but it’s especially tough on the shelter animals. They miss the extra attention they got before the COVID, but so do us humans.

The animals miss the attention they use to get from visitors which made their day more interesting especially if adopted.

Last August, one of the shelter volunteers said this about Buckwheat. She calls him Bucky. “Bucky loves cooling off in the kiddy pool. The first day I meet Bucky he hid behind a tree and wouldn’t even look at me. I am slowly making progress using treats. I spend an hour several times a week with him. I actually got to touch his ear. I want to rub that head so bad, but he’s not ready. He has the saddest eyes. I love me some Buckwheat.” The shelter has started allowing volunteers on a limited basis and I’m sure Buck’s accomplished a lot since then. Maybe you could foster or adopt Buckwheat and continue with his gentle training until he becomes a loving, trusting canine citizen instead of a shy, scared dog in a kennel. A home environment is always best for a shy dog. They get overlooked at a shelter. To arrange a meet and greet or to volunteer contact davidianne@suddenlink. net or We also have puppies, more dogs, kittens and cats looking for homes.

Shelter Wish List: dog / cat food, fleece blankets, bleach, copy paper, paper towels, volunteers, adopters, tall / large trashbags, Walmart gift cards to purchase office supplies.

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