Wow! What an afternoon! The first day of September! It was a restful time inside that Tuesday morning until the Old Couple heard the weather report! It said there was a Tornado Watch for Cleburne County, but it progressed that afternoon to a Tornado Warning! I had been in and out as I usual not realizing what the day would bring. I’m not fond of storms or heavy rain so my ears perked up a bit when at around three o’clock the tone of the Old Woman’ s voice was more serious about my need to stay inside. We gathered by the television to hear the weather report of channel 11. By the way, we think he did an excellent reporting that day. He showed pictures of damage in central Arkansas, and we listened to all the areas he was telling people to take cover in. He told the path the storm was taking, and it was clear that it was a bad storm cell.

The Old Man went out to check our clouds, and he figured the Tornado might miss us. He was trying to keep the Old Woman calm I guess. Then the Old Woman heard the report of the Tornado changing directions and was moving in our direction. It was coming from Highway 5 to Highway 16! We heard sirens, and then the Old Woman checked the clouds! Immediately she yelled at the Old Man to come, and he agreed that we all should take cover.

Thankfully phones were in pockets and flashlights were gathered. I think they might should have grabbed a Bible! Now this old couple have an unfinished corner in the crawl space that they call the Safe Spot! I don’t really agree with that name. I’m thinking it is a creepy place with spiders, wires, and plumbing showing. After entering the Safe Spot there was the issue with the unfinished door! Finally with the door shut they found an area to get in next to a concrete block wall. There was a light at least, but this was the moment the excitement really began.

The lean-to door blew out, and the wind was blowing things around outside! Then the lights went out! Lightning was striking our house it seemed. (Thankfully the flashlights worked!) The Old Man noticed the woman sitting on a wire, and he told her to move. She was frozen because I’m guessing she had seen movies of people being sucked out of crawl spaces. At this point prayers were said aloud! As I said earlier taking the Bible would have been a good idea since the Old Woman’s faith was a bit shaken. The Old Man was noticing shingles on the breezeway right outside which was disconcerting. The Old Woman decided to text her children at this time. Just in case this situation went farther south – she told them how much she loved them and where they were located.

With heavy rains beginning we stayed hunkered down awhile longer until the sirens stopped. It was around 4:30 when we ventured out to look at the damage, and to our amazement the damage was minimal. Behind our lot though the path of the storm had worked havoc with huge trees on houses and vehicles. Wires were on the ground, and people were meandering in the street. The community workers came in carloads. Men with chainsaws, tractors, backhoes, tree services, and families dragging brush. A roofer even repaired the shingles on our house that very afternoon! (We are happy we live in the country where people are so caring.)

With the electricity out the Old Couple and I reflected that night on the blessings of the day. Tornados are meant to destroy and kill, but there was an increase in faith that God does answer prayers from a crawl space. Perhaps the Old Man should get that basement door fixed though!! Candles were burning down low , and it looked like an early to bed with thankful hearts.

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