HEBER SPRINGS — Heber Springs Police were called to investigate after the accident firing of a gun in a June 26 incident.

Per the police report filed in the matter, police were called just after 9 p.m. about a single gunshot which resulted in a bullet being fired from one apartment and entering the adjoining apartment through the wall. Police arrived and spoke to the woman who made the call, who told them everything was “ok,” but she had been napping on the couch when just after 6 p.m. a loud noise woke her up.

Shortly after hearing the noise a neighbor knocked on her apartment door to ask if she had heard a noise. The same neighbor also knocked on the door of a third apartment, the one on the other side of the caller’s, to check on the people who lived there.

The noise sounded like “an air conditioner making noises,” the neighbor told the woman, she reported to police.

The caller said she then called apartment maintenance to check the building. Maintenance arrived just before 9 p.m. and checked the woman’s apartment, reporting that a bullet had come through the adjoining wall “...damaging a glass picture hanging, kitchen support pole and the kitchen wall,” the report stated.

The woman then called police.

Police checked with the neighbor who had initially gone door-to-door. He was no longer in his apartment and the initial contact was made by phone. After the initial conversation with police the man returned to his apartment. There, per the report, “He explained when he picked up his Glock 9mm from the nightstand it discharged passing through his TV, several walls and into the neighboring apartment. There were no injuries discovered,” the report continued, “but he left trying to figure out how to he was going to tell the landlord what he had done.”

Police took statements and collected the bullet and casing, as well as taking pictures of the damage, estimated at $2,000.

[Note: As charges have not been filed, no names were used in this news story.]

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