A stolen car and a high-speed car chase resulted in charges against a man in a July 3 incident.

Ryan Joshua Vinyard, 20, no address given, is charged with theft by receiving and possession of a controlled substance, per online court records.

Events began when Cleburne County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a home 7:15 a.m. July 3 where theft and burglary were reported. Victims spoke to the man and woman of the home, who told them a window had been broken and guns and jewelry was now missing. A 2015 Dodge Challenger was also stolen, deputies were told.

A “Be on the Lookout” (BOLO) was issued for the car.

At 11:27 a.m. a deputy on patrol spotted the car at the interaction of highways 110 and 25 North. The deputy was able to get close to the car near Spring Park and “attempted to initiate a traffic stop.” The car, instead, “fled at a high rate of speed,” later reported as over 90 mph.

As the car sped, the deputy followed, both moving toward Main Street. The deputy reported the car wove in and out of traffic including crossing into oncoming traffic before being “wrecked out” near Fox Lane and landing on its roof.

The deputy moved toward the now-wrecked car and the driver hoped out and ran into woods near the bypass. The passenger, who had been partially ejected in the accident, tried to crawl out of the car’s back window. He told the deputy he was hurt and the deputy stayed with him while an ambulance was called. This was Vinyard. He told police he had been given a backpack by the driver shortly before the wreck. The deputy looked and spotted a small bag inside which held a “white crystalline substance.”

A short while later Heber Springs Police were able to take a man into custody who matched the description of the man who ran into the woods after the car wreck. He was turned over the Sheriff’s Department. The man, Harley Davidson Selvidge, admitted to being the car’s driver. He also, per the report, admitted to having used methamphetamine.

In questioning at the Sheriff’s office, Selvidge told an investigator that he and Vinyard had driven the car, which had been given to them, to Heber Springs to sell it. When police tried to stop him he ran, knowing the car was stolen, he told the investigator, the report stated.

Selvidge also told the investigator his driver’s license was suspended. He was booked into jail.

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