HEBER SPRINGS — An early-morning run-in and pursuit led to the arrest of a man known to Heber Springs Police for fleeing at 7:22 a.m. Sept. 28.

Arrested was James Tyler Holland, 24, of Quitman, charged with fleeing, resisting arrest, public intoxication and criminal trespass, as well as having an outstanding warrant.

Per the report, police were called after a man was seen “messing with a breaker box” at a downtown address. Police searched the area and found the man, Holland, in a nearby empty storage unit. He told the officer he was staying in the storage until, but was outside of it recently to get a drink of water.

The officer recognized Holland from a previous exchange when the man had run from him. The officer called dispatch and was told Holland had an active bench warrant for his arrest.

Online court records show a James Tyler Holland, 24, of Quitman charged with passing a fake $100 bill Aug. 23 at a local Exxon station and then fleeing from police. Holland ran from police in the course of the traffic stop after attempting to pass the bill, and was not caught. At the time of that incident, Holland was found to have an active felony warrant out of Faulkner County after a March 25 arrest there for drug paraphernalia and fleeing where he was assigned probation. The same records show an order of probation revocation was filed in August for non-compliance with the terms of probation.

When the officer in the Sept. 28 incident was informed by dispatch about Holland’s active warrant, Holland responded by telling the officer he had COVID-19 virus and began coughing. The officer told him to get on the ground and Holland instead turned and ran.

The officer fired his Taser, but Holland continued running, per the report.

The officer and a second officer chased Holland on foot but were not able to catch him. A second officer, nearby, spotted Holland a block away and also began to chase him. Holland was able to evade that officer.

Police continued to search the area when a call came in that Holland had been spotted near W. Quitman Street. A police detective was nearby and spotted Holland, and began a foot chase. The detective chased Holland for several blocks and was soon joined by two additional officers who were able to chase the man to a vacant lot at the corner of West Mill and South 8th Street, per the report. Holland tried to evade the trio by running between them and continued to run. The reporting officer joined the other officer at the lot and was able to “deploy his Taser,” per the report, after which Holland “feel to the ground” and was handcuffed.

Holland was taken to the county jail by the reporting officer, who reported Holland told him he had done nothing wrong and had no outstanding warrant. The officer also reported Holland appeared to be under the influence of drugs, possibly methamphetamine.

He was jailed.

Cleburne County records show Holland is currently held at the behavioral until in Faulkner County.

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