HEBER SPRINGS — A Heber Springs woman was jailed after a series of late-night early-morning events culminating in a complaint about a parking lot fight and a field sobriety test at the Cleburne County jail according to a July 6 Heber Springs Police Department Report.

Arrested was Heather Bly Nusbaum, 41, of Heber Springs, charged with drug and drug paraphernalia possession, as well as disorderly conduct, DUI and refusal to submit.

Per the report, events began with a call to dispatch at 10:15 p.m. July 5 that a possibly intoxicated driver was crossing the dam on the way into town in a green 2009 Ford pickup truck. The truck, dispatch was told and relayed to police, had no license plate.

Officers were not able to spot the pickup.

At 10:27 p.m., however, police received a second call from a driver who stated someone was following him in a truck, asking for police to meet him at the high school gym. An officer arrived at the gym and spotted a man running toward him across the parking lot. They spoke.

The man said a woman, naming Nusbaum, was chasing him in a pickup and trying to run him over. He did not know why, he told the officer, the report stated. Nusbaum had been drinking, the man said, and was the person driving the truck into town earlier as he rode as passenger. During the trip into town Nusbaum “brake-checked” him and his face hit the truck’s dashboard, he told the officer.

As they got into town he got out of the truck to get away from her and she tried to run him down, the man told police. He told police that while he would never hit a woman, he had hit Nusbaum one or two times “because she started acting crazy and hitting him.”

The man told police where Nusbaum lived, and the reporting officer drove past the home while answering another call, but saw no truck there. He later saw a truck while on the way to an additional call which matched the description at a Front Street address, save that this truck had a license plate.

Just after midnight the officer, patrolling near Front Street, received a call of a fight in the parking lot of the EZ-Mart gas station. The officer arrived and the fight had broken up, but the officer was told one of the vehicles which left after the fight was a green 2009 Ford pickup.

The officer spotted a truck matching the description, following it. As the truck maneuvered through various intersections the officer lost sight of it, then recalled having seen a truck of the same description at a Front Street address, and he drove there. As he arrived at the address he spotted the truck, with a woman standing at its drivers side “doing something,” per the report.

The officer spoke with the woman, who turned out to be Nusbaum. She told him she had gotten into a fight with her ex and his girlfriend at EZ-Mart. She would not give the names of the two. She later gave the names, only knowing the first name of the ex, who turned out to be the same person the officer had spoken with earlier in the evening at the high school.

She had fought with the two over them having some of her personal property which they refused, Nusbaum told the officer, per the report. While they were speaking, the officer noted in the report, he noticed the smell of intoxicants, and Nusbaum admitted having had a single shot of liquor at 5 p.m.

The officer gave her a field breath sample and she blew a 0.118 BAC, per the report. The officer also noted Nusbaum was nervous and tried to block the officer’s view of the truck cab. She agreed to a field sobriety test, which the officer said he wanted to do at the Cleburne County Jail sally port entrance, preferring it over a driveway.

(A sally port is the name of a secure entrance to a facility.)

Nusbaum was handcuffed and taken to jail for the test, and the truck was towed. While being put in the police car she told the officer she was having “a bad night,” per the report.

The field sobriety test showed poor motor control and balance function. At the test machine inside a 0.75 BAC was determined. Meanwhile an inventory of the pickup prior to it being towed resulted in drug paraphernalia being found, including two glass pipes with a white residue. Nusbaum was booked into jail with an anticipated 8 a.m. release “if sober” and an August court date.

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