A Horseshoe Bend man gave a false name, a name of a man that was incarcerated, to Izard County authorities last week after a traffic stop.

That man is now in the Izard County jail facing numerous drugs and traffic charges.

Izard County Chief Deputy Charley Melton said in a Monday release that on March 23, one of his deputies was patrolling in Horseshoe Bend when a silver car made a right turn and failed to signal the turn.

The deputy followed the vehicle as it continued to turn without signaling and driving left of center according to the release.

A traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle which was licensed out of Mississippi. According to Melton’s release, the vehicle made several more turns and was weaving on the roadway.

When the vehicle finally stopped the Izard County deputy asked the driver for his license and the driver stated “it was in his wallet in the center console.”

A search ensued after permission by the driver was granted.

That search initially yielded a wallet. The deputy asked the driver if the wallet was his and according to the report, “he stated it was.”

A container inside of a cigarette carton that held a white crystalline substance was also found.

The Izard County deputy then ran the identification in the wallet though dispatch with information showing to be a person that is currently incarcerated in Arkansas Community Corrections Center.

In his release, Melton said the unit was contacted and verified the inmate, whose name was used, was still incarcerated and accounted for.

The deputy asked the driver about being shown to be incarcerated. According to the report, the driver stated he was “let out due to Coronavirus.”

The driver would not comply with field sobriety testing. When backup arrived, the search of the vehicle continued which yielded “multiple baggies with a white crystalline substance, a pack of syringes, and a set of digital scales.”

A witness came forth who was outside near the traffic stop and told deputies that the driver was Glenn Galbraith.

After an information check of Galbraith, 60 of Horseshoe Bend, it was revealed that he had a warrant from Arkansas Probation/Parole. He also showed to have a suspended license according to Melton’s release. The report also stated that once at the jail, Galbraith refused to submit to a chemical test.

The crystalline substance field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Glenn Galbraith has been charged with possession of a controlled substance more than 10 grams but less than 200 grams, a class A felony, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia, a class B felony. He is scheduled to appear in the Izard County Circuit Court today.

Galbraith was also charged with no turn signal, driving left of center, fleeing, refusal to submit to a chemical test, DWI, driving on a suspended license, and obstructing governmental operations. He is scheduled to appear in the Izard County District Court on May 11.

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