FAIRFIELD BAY — In a special-session at 2 p.m. Monday afternoon, the City of Fairfield Bay City Council accepted the written resignation of then-Mayor Paul Wellenberger. The council had also met the previous Saturday, also in special session, to accept a lease agreement for the city’s conference center. The lease had been negotiated by Wellenberger.

In the Monday meeting, the council declared it would appoint a mayor for the city at its regular meeting, Sept. 14. City of Fairfield Bay Recorder/Treasurer Rose Owen will act as Interim Mayor pending the Sept. 14 appointment.

A special election will not be held, Owen said.

Wellenberger had earlier announced his intention to resign Aug. 31 in order to spend more time with his wife Cindy. In a Friday afternoon conversation Wellenberger said the RV was “ready to go” and he and his wife were planning on travel. The conversation took place just after Wellenberger had finished a conversation with DMC International, operators of the Cobblestone Hotel, regarding that company leasing the Conference Center. The hotel opened in June 2019 is adjacent to the center.

Wellenberger said he wanted to complete the lease negotiations with DMC prior to his resignation. He had earlier negotiated the construction of Cobblestone Hotel with DMC and had an existing relationship with the organization, he said.

Lease negotiations were completed at 10:30 p.m. Friday, Owen said. The council then voted in favor of the lease at its Saturday meeting.

The lease is “the best thing that could happen for the city,” Owen said.

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