Oh my! That Old Woman gets excited about those grandkids coming for a visit. Most visits are around the holidays which makes them very special. One of the favorite kid activities has to do with the old Radio Flyer wagon! Squeals to be pulled around in the wagon can be heard from a distance! Now there’s quite a family history about that red wagon. The Old Woman’s brother gave it to her in 2012, but he had used it for his grandchildren – which puts it a part of the family since 2007. Of course, Radio Flyer wagons go back many years before that – all the way to early 1900s!!

The Old Woman gave me some of her research of the wagon! Antonio Pasin first made wooden wagons and then steel wagons in Chicago. The name Radio Flyer came from Marconi who invented a wireless telegraph with the first transatlantic RADIO signal and from Lindbergh who made a solo flight (quite a FLYER) across the Atlantic. The Chicago Fair of 1933 helped give the wagon fame. Amazingly the first steel wagon was $3! It costs quite a bit more today! Children loved the red color as you can imagine. A CHRISTMAS STORY had a display in the store window of Radio Flyer wagons. Wow!! The Old Woman is full of tidbits of information about that wagon! No wonder the Old Couple still have that old wagon ready and waiting in the barn for the grandkids. Who knows? It might still be valuable to sell? (I’m sure the Old Woman has Googled that.)

This year the Old Man decided to repair the wood on the back of the wagon and air the tires! It’s a bit rusty so the Old Woman has put towels and blankets in the bottom. Off they go around the barnyard, through the yard, and down the lane. It’s parked on the breezeway awaiting the arrival of one of the granddaughters. The first granddaughter is nine so she has the job of pulling the two year old around this year! I think she’s kinda sad she doesn’t fit in it anymore. They love going on treasure hunts along their trail rides. By the time they are back at the house they’ve found leaves, pine cones, and interesting rocks!! The experience reminds the Old Woman of all the creation that she’s been able to see so far in her life. Her thoughts wander with the creaking wheels. The breeze as they move down the lane makes her thankful for the ability to move these days. She’s always been able to move forward, and she’s thankful that God is always ‘in control’ of her life.

Now that red wagon has come in handy the last few years for the Old Couple. The year they had ice and snow they couldn’t get the farm truck out. So what did they do? Yep, you guessed it! They put hay and horse feed in it and pulled the wagon over to the field to feed Thunder, the horse. The neighbors got some entertainment, but they were a little concerned that the Old Man and the wagon might be flying down the slippery drive! Then another day the Old Woman had used the Red wagon to haul firewood to the porch. She definitely doesn’t fly across the yard! It creeks quite a bit these days, but since the younger daughter is having another baby the old couple hope that the Old Radio Flyer will last a few more years.

I’m happy they’ve kept that red wagon because since the Old Woman has lined it with a blanket it’s a cozy place for me to take a nap. It’s a little sad to see the Old Man pull it back to the barn to wait on another family visit, but I’m sure we all have wonderful memories of the times spent in that old Radio Flyer wagon.

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