HEBER SPRINGS – A report of a gun shot the evening of July 13 led to the arrest of a Mount Vernon man by Heber Springs police, according to online court records.

Patrick Cook, 23, of Mount Vernon was charged with aggravated assault, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving.

In the report, police were called after a gunshot was heard near 7th and Martin streets. Officers arrived and spoke to two people who said they were watching a nearby apartment, suspecting it was being involved in drug traffic in the area. They saw a Chevrolet S10 pickup leave the apartment and followed it, hoping to get its license number, the report stated.

As they followed the pickup came to a stop and a man got out of the passenger side and fired a gun at them, they told police.

Officers checked the area and found a .380 caliber shell casing on the ground. The officers then went to the apartment and spoke to the people there, who told them two men had been there but had left, one of them being Cook, who matched the description of the man who fired the gun. (The second man was a suspect in a gun theft “earlier in the week,” per the report.) A “Be on the Lookout (BOLO) was placed on the two men and the truck.

The pickup truck was spotted at a nearby gas station a short while later by a Cleburne County Deputy. Officers arrived. An attendant told officers the passenger in the truck had just been in the restroom. Officers checked, and found a glass meth pipe and syringe in the restroom.

Officers then questioned Cook after confirming no one had been in the restroom after him. Cook was “very cooperative,” per the report, and admitted that the syringe and pipe were his. He also admitted to police that he had a gun earlier, and had fired it “during the incident,” per the report.

Cook also admitted to having been at the apartment earlier. He said he left and while being followed “... he was paranoid...” and fired at the van, thinking it was being driven by a man with whom he had “a bad history.”

Cook told officers where to find the gun, which had been hidden in the pickup truck. Officers recovered the gun. Cook was then taken to jail and booked on his charges. Bond was set at $10,000. Online court records show Cook remains in custody pending bond.

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