HEBER SPRINGS — Charges filed and trial dates have been set after a March 25 law enforcement raid of a suspected drug house resulted in stolen goods and methamphetamine being recovered.

According to online court records, Karla Renee Figueroa, 42, of Heber Springs has been charged with maintaining a drug premises, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving. The warrant affidavit cited Figueroa as a habitual offender. Online court records show Figueroa has a pending trial date for an earlier arrest after drugs were found in the car she was driving in a late-June arrest by Cleburne County Sheriff’s deputies.

Per the affidavit for the March 25 incident, a Cleburne County detective began an investigation after receiving information of a “Karla” selling drugs from a Spinks Lane home in Heber Springs, which he confirmed. Further investigation confirmed it was Figueroa.

In the course of investigation, the detective was informed that Figueroa was a suspect in a theft investigation by Heber Springs Police. Two men suspected of the theft were living in Figueroa’s Spinks Road home. Police had received information that “multiple items of stolen property” were in the home, per the report.

A search warrant was filed and signed by a judge, and the warrant was executed March 25 at 4 p.m.

“Upon execution of the search warrant detectives located Karla Figueroa along with multiple items of stolen property altogether valuing over one thousand dollars and less than five thousand dollars along with various items of drug paraphernalia,” the affidavit states.

Listed with the items found are paraphernalia used for preparing and injecting methamphetamine. In the report, a detective tested residue found which showed positive for methamphetamine.

Also found were power tools, including a chain saw and belt sander, paint guns and other miscellaneous items, including a CB radio and hand tools.

After being read her rights, Figueroa told police two men had stored the tools and equipment at the home with her permission. She knew they could not afford the items, and “reasonably believed it was stolen,” the report stated.

The drug paraphernalia was hers, she told the interviewer, also admitting that others came to her house to buy and use methamphetamine.

The report states that Heber Springs Police recovered the stolen property and charged two men with burglary. The drugs and paraphernalia was sent to the state crime lab, the affidavit concludes.

Records show Figueroa has a Jan. 6 pretrial and Feb. 3 jury trial scheduled in 16th Circuit Division 4 court with $20,000 bond. At press time she was in custody in the White County Jail.

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