FAIRFIELD BAY — A state police investigation has resulted in theft charges against a Fairfield Bay woman after money was found missing from a association bank account.

A warrant has been drawn against Virginia Dale Fowler, 61, of Fairfield Bay for theft of property under $25,000, and criminal use/laundering proceeds, both felonies. The date of the offenses is listed as January 2016 on the warrant. The warrant was sworn out Aug. 5.

Per the affidavit for warrant, Fairfield Bay Police requested an investigation April 22 after the Secretary of the Country Club Ridge Property Owners Association, Robert McBride, said he found Fowler had been taking money from the association from 2016 to 2019, which she then deposited in her personal account.

In the affidavit, the “Potential Defendant’s Name” is listed as “Virginia Dale Fowler (Tice).” She is referred to as “Tice” or “Tice/Fowler” throughout the state police investigator’s report.

Tice was paid $540 a month to manage the association finances.

McBride told the investigator that he had found where Tice had moved $20,000 from the association’s money market account into its checking account in order to conceal the theft of money.

Tice would present financial reports to the association, and these reports were a “direct fabrication of what the bank records actually indicated,” McBride told the investigator. The account was also fined by the bank for not containing enough money, the investigator was told.

McBride said he and the Association President Jim Werner confronted Tice about the missing money on April 6. The meeting was recorded. Tice is quoted as stating that she had been “putting money back in” and that her husband did not know. She told McBride and Werner that she was working to get a loan to restore the missing money to the association.

The recording was turned over to the state police investigator. The investigator was also given copies of emails where Tice asked that the matter not be taken to the police and that she was “very sorry and requested a chance to make restitution.”

McBride told the investigator they were not able to reach an agreement with Tice on the amount of money owed. McBride provided totals of $47,608 dollars taken, along with $624 in bank fees, coupled with attorney fees and loss of interest for a total of $56,292.

The investigator said his own review of bank records found “a theft exceeding $25,000.”

The theft took place over a number of years and included checks made out directly to Tice, or bank transfers to her account. This included one withdrawal of $5,400. The investigator also found the $20,000 transfer from the association’s money market to its checking account.

The movement of money to cover evidence of theft led to the money laundering charges, the investigator states in the affidavit.

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