City Council

Aldermen Terry Lynn and Paul Muse, moved over to the center of the city council table after Mayor Jimmy Clark left the meeting due to a medical emergency

At the beginning of the Heber Springs city council meeting last week, it became apparent something was not quite right with Mayor Jimmy Clark. Municipal employees including city hall employees and paramedics at the meeting, attended to the mayor.

A “crash cart” housed at the community center was brought in. These carts have emergency equipment for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The mayor was transported to Survival Flight and flown to St. Vincent’s in Sherwood. He was released from the hospital after midnight. By Friday afternoon he had already stopped by city hall.

“I had a TIA,” Clark explained, during a telephone interview.

TIA is short for transient ischemic attack. According to the Mayo Clinic TIA episodes are a temporary period of symptoms similar to those of a stroke, but usually last only a few minutes and don’t cause permanent damage.

“They ran some tests and the tests showed I have to behave a little better,” Clark said, with a chuckle.

As Clark left Thursday night, he requested that the meeting continue without him.

So it did.

Alderman Terry Lynn and Alderman Paul Muse all moved over a seat; Lynn sat behind Clark’s nameplate, to get the council’s proceedings underway.

It was an unusual start to the first council meeting of 2021. The council passed a resolution for the procedures and proceedings of city council meetings for the year. New to the proceedings were Melissa Choate, who represents Ward 3, and Rebecca Prince, who represents Ward 4.

The council approved a lease agreement with Tri-State Leasing, of Memphis, Tenn., for a 2021 Mack MD6 truck with a 10 ft. dump body. The lease will be for 36 months, at $1,750 per month, for a total of $63,000. As part of the lease, Tri-State will wash the exterior of the vehicle once a month.

Approval was given for the following contracts:

Leasing Bridal Veil Falls from the Young Businessmen’s Association for $500 per year.

Purchasing transportation services from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to transport veterans within the city and to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Little Rock for $1,000 per year.

Funding the Cleburne County Aging Program $25,00 to continue to deliver meals for senior citizens in Cleburne County.

Paying the Sugarloaf Heritage Council $2,500 for the restoration of maintenance of the Sugarloaf Mountain area. This includes sandblasting graffiti from the mountain and maintaining the trails.

Helping the Heber Springs Humane Society to provide adoptable animals with adequate food and shelter, along with finding the animals a suitable animal. The contract pays the organization a fee of $1,000 per quarter and a fee of $55 per dog and $40 per cat, and $25 per euthanasia.

The council tabled a proposed burn ordinance for the next meeting.

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