An attendee at the Fairfield Bay City Council meeting Aug. 9 who knew he was infected with COVID-19 led to a quarantine notice for meeting attendees.

“I was shocked that someone would do that,” City of Fairfield Bay Mayor Linda Duncan said.

The attendee, whose name was not given, attended the meeting where during public comments he spoke of concern for ambulance service in the community. He did so despite not wearing a mask during his attending the meeting, Van Buren County 911 Director Judy Wells said.

The National Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 14 day quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19.

The Delta variant of COVID-19 currently leading to a spike in infections across the country has been found to be more transmissible with more severe symptoms.

Wells said events transpired after the person stood up during public comment to report he had called for an ambulance earlier that day and had to wait an extended period of time. She called dispatch during the meeting and it was quickly confirmed the man had a 15 minute wait, Wells said.

The next day while double-checking the ambulance call logs, Wells said she realized the ambulance call was for COVID-19 symptoms. She called the Arkansas Department of Health, which confirmed the man had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on Aug. 3, six days before the Monday meeting.

With that notification on Aug. 10, Wells sent out the quarantine notification.

She was told by a Department of Health representative that people who had tested positive and still going out in public maskless was becoming a bigger problem in Arkansas, Wells said. Those who were doing so, including in this case, felt it was none of the department’s business if they were going out in public, Wells was told.

“I am very, very surprised that someone would do such a thing,” Wells said.

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