Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge hosted an event on Thursday night to raise funds for her bid to become Arkansas’ next governor.

Rutledge, followed by country music artist Tracy Lawrence, took the stage in the Bad Boy hangar in front of approximately 150 supporters at the Batesville Regional Airport.

Rutledge vowed to “make Arkansas first” as her campaign slogan states and pointed out that she is the first republican and first female Attorney General, and wants to be the first female Governor of Arkansas.

“I don’t have a problem breaking glass ceilings,” Rutledge said.

Rutledge and Sanders, both Republicans, are currently the only two candidates to replace Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who is term limited. Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin was slated to vie for the same Republican ticket, but dropped out and pivoted to Rutledge’s Attorney General seat.

Rutledge’s theme of the night was “record over rhetoric” as she pointed out that opponent Sanders has been in the spotlight because of her role as Press Secretary for former President Donald Trump.

“I like Sarah,” Rutledge said. “Sarah and I are friends. I’ve worked for her daddy twice…it’s okay to like Sarah and support Leslie.”

“I am the only person in this race with a record of accomplishment in the last six and a half years,” Rutledge said. “I’ve had experience making decisions on behalf of 3-plus million people every single day for six and a half years.”

Rutledge listed the many suits she has filed against the administrations of former President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden as well as the current Biden/Harris presidential administration.

She followed those points and began closing her speech with an airplane analogy.

“Most of us have flown on a plane,” Rutledge began. “While the flight attendant’s job is important, the pilot’s job is important. Who do you want landing that plane? Do you want the flight attendant who makes announcements, or do you want the pilot the land that plane?”

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