Animal shelter

The animal shelter

In a letter dated Oct. 29, SNYP Animal Shelter announces it will cease operation June 30, 2022.

The letter, signed by SNYP head Lori Treat, was distributed by County Judge Dale James last week. James said the letter had been sent to the county attorney, and he distributed the letter as soon as he received it.

The letter stated: “It is with the knowledge that we, as an organization, did everything we could to improve the lives of animals in Van Buren County. We are now informing you that we are no longer interested in managing the Van Buren County Animal Shelter. Please search for another group to take over operation.”

The letter continues that SNYP will vacate the shelter June 30, the final day of its lease, then “If you find an organization willing to take over occupancy before that date, please give us a minimum of 1 week notice so that we can remove our items from the building and attic.”

SNYP took over operations of the Animal Shelter in 2016. The county, at the time, was preparing the 2017 budget and concerns over shelter cost led to consideration of closing the shelter. Treat made a proposal for SNYP to take over shelter operations, which was accepted. As part of the proposal, the shelter receives support from both the county and the City of Clinton, with a strong reliance of volunteer support.

In his monthly report to the Quorum Court Thursday, Sheriff Lucas Emberton showed Van Buren County had 444 animal calls so far this year, with 43 in the past month. Of those calls, 63 dogs and 20 cats have been picked up in the county through October.

Clinton City Council heard at its Nov. 16 meeting that the shelter was holding 25 dogs and 10 cats.

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