LITTLE ROCK — Commissioner of State Lands Tommy Land announced that his office will auction tax-delinquent land in Cleburne County beginning at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10. The auction will be held at the Heber Springs Community Center, Room 3, 201 Bobbie Jean Lane.

“Since we were unable to hold public auctions in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, we are auctioning properties that were scheduled for sale last year,” Land said. “These are properties whose taxes have been delinquent since 2015.”

Next year, during the 2022 auction season, the COSL office will auction two years’ worth of properties. “That will catch us up so that we’re current on all sales,” Land said.

Prospective bidders can find an online Public Auction Catalog, including a buyer’s guide; statutes governing sales; auction date, time and location; and a complete listing of parcels offered. This resource is on the Commissioner’s website,, and is regularly updated.

The website also includes an instructional video demonstrating how to research information about each parcel available for sale.

“We open the bidding at the amount of taxes, penalties and interest due,” Land said. “Anyone who has delinquent property going up for auction should be aware they only have 10 business days after the auction to redeem property sold there.”

Bidders must register for the auction, but the registration is free. The first $100 of any parcel’s purchase price must be paid in cash, while the remainder may be paid by cash, check or credit card.

“Property taxes help fund schools, roads, libraries and public services including ambulances,” Land said. “Everyone benefits from paying those taxes – and the property owner benefits from paying on time, by avoiding interest and penalties on delinquent taxes.”

Properties that do not sell at auction will appear on the COSL’s post-auction sales list 30 days after the auction date. From there, they can be purchased through an online auction system. Another instructional video on the COSL website demonstrates that process to bidders.

Owners of delinquent parcels may redeem those delinquent taxes online at using a credit or debit card. Those who prefer to pay by check or money order can print a Petition to Redeem from the website or call the office at 501-324-9422 to request the petition, which must accompany their payment.

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